Wire EDM Services

AMTEK offers the very latest in Wire EDM machining technology with Mitsubishi’s FA-20S. This equipment will hold a work piece measuring up to 41”x31”x11.6” and weighing up to 3300 lbs. It offers full 4-axis machining capability and a minimum drive resolution of 2 millionths of an inch. Our customers are guaranteed the best quality EDM parts at the best possible price due to:
  • The most advanced  features of the FA-20S creating the most efficient wire speed and feed
  • The experience of trained professional staff
  • A clean climate controlled work environment\
  • Seamless integration with 3D CAD software for the machining of 4-axis complex solids

Wire EDM Services
3D CNC Machining

Capabilities include the seamless machining of complex three dimensional shapes and surfaces relying on direct data exchange between AMTEK’s  CAD and CAM software. This interoperability provides a finished machined part identical to the original solid model with greatly reduced CNC programming time. Using the latest in machining hardware and software, AMTEK is able to manufacture the following and much more:
  • Holding Fixtures
  • Mold Cavity Inserts
  • CAM Wheels
  • Stamping Die Sections
3D CNC Machining
Engineering Services

In addition to our CNC service we also offer a full line of mechanical engineering services including the design of complex custom fixturing, the design of automated assembly and inspection equipment and 3D Solid Modeling / Surfacing capability for such purposes as reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, design/material analysis, and contoured part nesting. AMTEK can use your drawings or complete design to build your product.
Mechanical Design
3D Solid Modeling / Surfacing

Measurement/Quality Lab

Utilizing the latest technology in measurement equipment and software, AMTEK offers the capabilities of reverse engineering, product inspection, and fixture qualification/calibration.
Let AMTEK be your source for:
  • First Article Inspection
  • PPAP Inspection
  • Product Part Inspection
  • Inspection/Certification of product tooling, gauging and fixtures
  • Storeroom/Tool room components requiring quality documentation
  • Surface and Form Analysis
Reverse Engineering
Product Inspection / Fixture Calibration

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